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"First Priority: Turkey..."


The founder of Akkanat Holding, Ali Akkanat is at the same time a teacher by profession. A Turkey admirer, he was a boarding student far from home, and led his career as a teacher under harsh conditions in Anatolia. He is a concrete evidence of what Anatolian people can achieve when provided with access to education.


Just 4 years after he first went into business to establish his companies, he built schools to be granted to the Ministry of Education. In 1993, he has established Akkanat Education and Health Foundation to contribute to Turkey's educational movement.


Having distributed non-refundable grants to 6000 college students so far, the foundation continues to provide grants for 600 students a year. Following their academic performances at the same time, Akkanat Education and Health Foundation employs those who succeed academically in the Holding's affiliated companies.


Having set the goal for building “a new school every year,” Akkanat Education Foundation has granted Selçuk University Faculty of Tourism and Management and the 30-room Kamil Akkanat Anamas Guest House (Training Hotel) to the Ministry of Education. Health Foundation has so far opened 9 schools including Elementary Schools, Anatolian High Schools and Multi-Program High Schools and a Regional Elementary Boarding School as well as Beyşehir Girl's Dormitory, which has such a capacity to accommodate 500 students.


As far as the health services, the Foundation has helped increase the quality of health services in the region by constructing a fully-equipped additional building for Beysehir Public Hospital.


Akkanat Education and Health Foundation draws its strength from Akkanat Holding and its trust and will from the people of Anatolia. The Foundation's sole goal is to endeavor to educate the future of growing and developing Turkey.