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"To grow and develop..."


Turkey has had an increasing need for energy as it has grown and developed since 1990's. That also meant industrial development. The regulations of 2003 in the energy sector have diluted the state influence while further activating the private sector.


Akkanat Holding as well has made its move to take its place in the process. Building a hydro electric plant in the village of Günder in Ermenek, Konya was the first initiative in the field. A 75 million Dollar investment, the construction of the Günder Hydro Electric Plant was completed in 2,5 years.


In a short period of time, the plant attained the regulatory structure enabling energy generation from the powerful, productive waters of Anatolia. In the meantime, much consideration was given to environmental concerns during the construction. Environmental damage has been prevented in the process of obtaining energy from the nature. Now that the state has completed the transmission lines, Günder Hydro Electric Plant will realize a yearly generation of 90 million kWh for Turkey. The Holding's goal for the coming years is to contribute to Turkey's growth and development through 500 million kWh generation with the investments in Yusufeli, Artvin.


Akkanat Holding endeavors to provide the energy for growing and developing Turkey, and will continue to do so.