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Aręk Bey had two main goals when it was first established in 1985. Attaining global quality in production and enabling remigration by creating employment in Anatolia. Now in its 25th year, Aręk Bey takes pride in having achieved both.


When it was established in 1985 Aręk Bey started off with the brand name Beyteks. Since then, it has been producing for the major sports brands of the world. In the 80's when Turkey just began opening up to the world, Aręk Bey had already been working with world brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma, carrying all of its production abroad.


Attaining a large export volume in a short period of time, Aręk Bey has also exhibited its difference with its high-quality standards.


In 1996, a dream turned into reality when an integrated facility with its state-of-the-art technology was constructed in Beysehir, home of the company's founder Ali Akkanat, on a 322.000 meter square area employing 1350 people. It was both a great leap for the company, and an opportunity to enable remigration, keeping the employment capacity in the district. Today the integrated facility in Beysehir has the capacity to perform each and every phase of transforming cotton from the fields into confection products.


Thanks to the integrated facilities in Beysehir, Aręk Bey enjoys a major advantage both in employment and logistics in the EU area. While the facilities in Beysehir and Corlu process 10 million kilograms of cotton a year turning them into fiber, those in Beysehir and Istanbul have some 6 million confection and some 4 million embroidery production a year. The main guarantee of Aręk Bey's quality is its employees. Considering the employees' educational level a requirement in working with the world brands, Aręk Bey keeps them updated on recent developments and technologies through periodical trainings.


Sustaining a high level in production quality for 25 years has guaranteed the cooperation with the world brands for Aręk Bey. In return for experienced human resources, environmental awareness and keeping up with the latest technologies, it has been granted with all the required quality standard certifications in Turkey. Thus it has also attained the International Olympic Committee (IOC) confection standards, which the world brands expect from all producers. That would mean that the company is ready for the ongoing and coming olympic games.


Through reliable, high-quality production and the added-value it brings to Turkey, Aręk Bey has transformed what started 25 years ago with imagination and eagerness into the rising star of the textile sector. Behind this global firm stands the guarantee of Akkanat Holding.


"25 years of high-quality production for the globe"