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Akkanat Holding's second force in the textile sector is Beybo. Beybo began textile dyeing, printing and finishing activities in 1987. As of 1991, it expanded to the confection sector. Today amongst the top 500 in Turkey's textile sector, the company exports all of its production to EU countries.


The biggest expectation from a company in the textile sector is timely delivery along with quality. Beybo stands out thanks to the quality standards and the fast, timely delivery service attained in 23 years.


With the establishment of the facilities in Corlu and Seydisehir in 2000 and 2002 respectively, Beybo has completed its development in textile sector. The facilities in Seydisehir has been established within the framework of Akkanat Holding's approach towards increased employment in Anatolia, and thus the city has witnessed a halt in migration, even going into a process of remigration.


Beybo Corlu facilities have such a capacity to enable a daily dyeing volume of 15.000 kilograms of fabric and 2500 kilograms of fiber. Beybo's confection manufacture in Corlu, Seydisehir and Istanbul is some 7 million pieces.All of the production facilities of Beybo have been granted with Lloyd's Quality Certification ISO 9001-2000. With a view to environmental awareness, great importance is attached to treatment, especially in fabric and fibre dyeing facilities in Corlu. Through the treatment units in the facilities, a conception of zero environmental damage is being entrenched. Having qualified to receive the Ekoteks certification thanks to this approach, Beybo is a leading organization when it comes to environmental awareness in the textile sector.


Holding an experienced staff profile, Beybo provides periodical trainings on sectoral changes and developing technologies to keep its 850 employees updated.


A leading force since 23 years in innovations, quality standards and environmental awareness in Turkey's textile sector, Beybo maintains its privileged position in the sector thanks to its high-quality and timely-delivery approach. Producing for the world-renown fashion giants of Europe and America since 23 years with the guarantee of Akkanat Holding, Beybo continues to bring added value to Turkey.