Akkanat Holding
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Beypa is the export organizing firm for Akkanat Holding, especially for its confection manufacturing firms. Acting as an information center on export and import for Akkanat Holding, Beypa performs its operations at Turkey's 4 major ports.


Having realized an export volume of 90 million Dollars in 2009, Beypa will have a 110 million Dollars export realization in 2010. Holding the most experienced staff profile in export and import in the sector, Beypa makes sure that its employees receive frequent trainings on the transforming export and import legislations both in Turkey and in the world.


Also following up the export and import for the Holding's firms in the tourism sector, Beypa ensures communication between Akkanat Holding's Germany-based sales and marketing firm Ayteks and the firms in Turkey.


Especially in a time when fast and timely delivery has such an importance in textile sector like today, Beypa performs a vital duty for Akkanat Holding.